Programs and Products

Manage Bullying offers both programs and products to address the global problem of youth bullying.

Our training programs are available through speaking engagements/training workshops and the company’s global network of certified martial arts schools. To learn more about our training programs, please go to Book A Speaker and Host A Program.

Our products come in the form of books, online media, and physical products.

The current Manage Bullying products include the following:

  • Answers for ParentsManage Bullying — Answers For Parents
    An 11-module video training program — with over an hour of video and a comprehensive manual — that teaches parents HOW to empower their kids to bully-proof themselves and effectively intervene if their child is bullied. This is our core anti-bullying program.Click Here to learn more.


  • Answers for Autism Spectrum FamiliesManage Bullying — Answers For Autism-Spectrum Families
    Includes the complete Answers for Parents program — plus a 2-module video training program that specifically targets the issues most relevant to families with a child within the autism spectrum. Joel Lashley, a public health expert and father of a young man with autism, teaches this add-on to our core program.Click Here to learn more.


  • Youth EducatorsManage Bullying – Youth Educator Program
    Over five hours of video on 6 DVDs and a 150 page manual provides comprehensive instruction on how to teach the principles of Manage Bullying to kids. This course,taught by Gary Klugiezicz and Master Chan Lee is a valuable resource for any youth educator.Click Here to learn more.


  • Online Family Community
    A membership program that provides ongoing training and education to parents and their children via a members-only website and monthly teleseminars. Manage Bullying is a contributor to this community along with other members of the Vistelar Group.Click Here to learn more.