A Parents Guide To
Verbal Self Defense For Kids

Thank you for your interest in this book. Inside you will find many useful tools that your kids can use to defend themselves against verbal abuse and bullying. Best of all, these tactics can be enacted immediately to start generating results for your child.

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Here is a short description of the book.


Know how to verbally protect yourself

Verbal attacks can be personally devastating – often more so than any physical attack.

And, worse, when verbal attacks are not addressed and then escalate, they lead to more emotional impact and, in many cases, physical harm. The fact is that almost all physical violence begins with a verbal confrontation.

This applies to everyone, regardless of age.

If you’re like most victims of verbal abuse, harassment, or bullying, you’re looking for answers — and, as you’ve probably discovered, there is no shortage of “experts” who want to help.

The problem that most of these folks are great at describing the problem and how serious it is. But, when it comes to giving advice, they don’t have much to offer – and the advice they do give is largely based on theories, not facts.

What’s needed are SOLUTIONS – practical and proven tactics that YOU can use – RIGHT NOW – to make verbal abuse, bullying, and harassment stop.

By teaching your child verbal self defense, you open to them a life of assertiveness and confidence … starting here with these five simple tools.


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