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Dear Youth Educator,

My name is Gary Klugiewicz and I’m a director at Verbal Defense & Influence, the company behind Manage Bullying. After 25 years of service I retired as captain from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office and developed a career as a defensive tactics trainer.

In my experience, most anti-bullying training is focused on the physical side — when it’s clearly the verbal side (verbal abuse, harassment) that’s often the most life harming.

I’m talking about those verbal shots that cut deeper, are remembered longer, and occur far more frequently than any form of physical attack.

One of our 9-year old students said it best:

I’d rather get punched than have someone say something bad
about me — because those words never go away.

What’s worse is when verbal attacks are not addressed and then escalate — which leads to more emotional impact and, in many cases, physical harm.

The reality is that there is very little instruction available for kids on how to deal with a verbal attack. And, what is taught, is based on theory –not real-world experience. So, in many cases, what’s taught is just plain wrong.


I hated that there was such a void in almost all anti-bullying curriculum for kids.

Verbal Defense & Influence — which focuses solely on the verbal side of self defense — has been tested and refined over more than 27 years, on the street and in prisons – so I knew it would work with students on the playground.


Here is what happened next…

In conjunction with developing the Manage Bullying Youth Educator Course, we started teaching Manage Bullying to kids in various parts of the country. Here is what happened:

  • More parents started showing up for class and became more involved and participate in the parent talk we include with the program.
  • The enthusiastic “thank yous” we heard from parents were like nothing we had heard before

It became clear to me that any educator of youth would benefit from this program — school teachers, police educators, and anyone else who teaches children that may be affected by bullying.

The key here is that this program is not the made-up stuff that is often taught now. Instead, it consists of content that’s been tested on the streets for over 27 years, taught to almost 1 million police, corrections and security officers.

In other words, this program has enormous credibility with students and parents — as well as with school administrators and others within the community.


Manage Bullying Educators Program

This comprehensive program consists of over 5 hour of video (in  20-minute segments) and a detailed manual, with PowerPoint slides that align with the video, class handouts, and more.

This program is taught by me, a director at Verbal Defense & Influence and another certified Verbal Defense & Influence instructor.

You’ll find the Manage Bullying program easy to learn and simple to teach.

You can go through the program at whatever pace you want. However, what we’ve found is that doing one module per week works really well. That way you can teach that lesson and really understand it (there’s no better way to learn new material than to teach it) before progressing to the next module. Each lesson can be shared in just several minutes during class.

If you take this approach, fifteen weeks later you’ll have a firm understanding of Manage Bullying principles and you’ll be ready to teach an anti-bullying program that’s proven, tested, and unbelievably effective.

How To Order This Course

The price of this complete course is $499.00.

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Gary Klugiewicz, Verbal Defense & Influence

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P.S. For too long, people have focused on the physical aspects of self-defense and largely ignored the verbal component. Or worse, they have done what I did — present ideas on how to deal with verbal assault using made-up content that was mostly wrong.

The reality is that our students are much more likely to be exposed to verbal versus physical attacks — and the verbal attacks are often more life-harming than any physical blow. That’s why we put together the Manage Bullying Program and why I strongly encourage you to get it and add this material to your teaching.

P.P.S. Here are just some of the things you will learn in this program.

  • How to deflect verbal abuse at home, at school and in the workplace
  • Strategies to de-magnetize kids who are “bully magnets”
  • How to put the spotlight back on the bully and how to get the crowd on your side
  • The difference between tattling and telling
  • How to read a bully like a book
  • And much, much more …

Note: This course is only meant to provide assistance in teaching Manage Bullying within your organization. It doesn’t provide any certification to teach Manage Bullying to general public. If you are interested in doing the later, please go to: “Learn About Becoming A Certified Speaker.”