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Bullying and youth violence are two of the most serious issues facing society.

However, if you’re a parent, it isn’t a societal issue for you — it’s personal. It’s your kids who are at risk of bullying and violence every single day — or worse, already impacted.

So, if you are like most parents, you’re looking for answers — and, as you’ve probably discovered, there is no shortage of “experts” who want to help.

The problem is that most of these folks are great at describing the problem and how serious it is.  But, when it comes to offering advice, they don’t have much to offer — and the advice they do give is largely based on theories, not facts.

The reality is that we all know how serious the problem is and the last thing we need are a bunch of theories.

What’s needed are REAL SOLUTIONS — practical and proven tactics YOU can use RIGHT NOW to help your child prevent bullying and, if it is happening, make it stop.

Brought together by the Vistelar Group, the team who developed the Bully Boot Camp is a nation-wide group of experts in the fields of personal and physical safety as well as education.

Their methodologies are now being taught in hundreds of schools throughout the world under the Manage Bullying brand and have impacted the lives of tens of thousands of children.

As an introduction to Manage Bullying we have put together a Anti-Bullying Boot Camp for parents, which is a 30-day series of  short video clips delivered by email.

If you’re a parent of kids of any age, you should subscribe to this boot camp so you can learn how to help your child prevent bullying and stop it, if it’s happening.

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To every child being treated with dignity and respect,

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