Creators of Manage Bullying offer free “Bully Boot Camp”

September 30, 2010 Mequon, Wis.  – For parents who are serious about helping their child stop the verbal abuse that he or she is experiencing, the professional trainers who designed the definitive online course are offering a month’s work of free tips.

Some of the topics covered include:
* Determining why your child has been targeted
* Advice on deflecting verbal abuse
* Strategic tips that help keep your child safe

To sign up for Bully Boot Camp, visit

“When it comes to bullying, parents typically face a battle on two fronts,” said law enforcement authority Gary T. Klugiewicz. “They have to bullyproof their child and hold their schools to accountability.”

The program, Manage Bullying: Answers for Parents offers a comprehensive guide to solving such issues. It is based on the principles of Verbal Defense and Influence, a communications methodology that has been taught within law enforcement for 27 years.

Verbal Defense and Influence has trained over a million individuals nationwide in these tactics, which deflect abuse and verbal assault.