Bullyproofing strategies that work
for families will betaught today to
‘Dad on Bus’ at national convention

Summary: The Florida father who became a symbol for parents’ frustration with bullying at school and on the bus will learn the proven techniques that would have brought him success instead of infamy.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2010 PORTLAND, Ore. – The National Association for Pupil Transportation is taking a constructive approach to the furor caused by James Jones’ onboard tirade, by placing bullying high on the agenda for the group’s annual convention, and by bringing in a verbal defense expert from Vistelar Training.

Jones and Vistelar co-founder Allen Oelschlaeger will participate in a round table discussion today at the NAPT convention in Portland, Ore.

Vistelar is recognized as one of the world’s leaders in verbal, physical and situational self defense and safety.

“Everyone on the planet recognizes that bullying is a tremendous problem,” Oelschlaeger said. “But the solutions that have been offered up so far are well-intended — such as passing anti- bullying legislation, developing school bullying policies, hiring school resource officers to patrol the halls, and encouraging kids to speak-up.

To learn more, please visit these websites: www.VerbalDefense.com, naptonline.org or sign up for Vistelar’s free 30-day Bully Boot Camp at www.ManageBullyingTips.com.