Become A Martial Arts School Certified To Teach Manage Bullying

One component of our global effort to help kids, parents, educators and government officials address the devastating problem of youth bullying is our martial arts school certification program.

Bully ExpertIn conjunction with the Martial Arts Marketing Network, Manage Bullying certifies martial arts schools throughout the world to teach children how to “bully-proof” themselves and to help parents understand how to effectively intervene in a bullying situations.

In order to become a certified school, you must first go through the Manage Bullying – Answers For Parents program and complete our Verbal Martial Arts Course, a credential online college program offered through Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. This fifteen module course includes over five hours of online video training and the associated presentation slides.

There is an up-front cost for the training to become certified and then, once that training has been completed, there is a monthly licensing fee to maintain your certification — which includes a The Bully Expert website for your martial arts school, ongoing training, and exclusivity within your community.

To learn more about becoming a certified martial arts school, please visit Verbal Martial Arts Course.