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Anti-Bullying Seminar With
Experts Chan Lee and Scott Krenz

Because of the limited time on the teleseminar, we were only able to provide a fraction of the information Chan and Scott have to offer.

That’s why we’ve put together the following package of resources — at a special Kids Bowl Free price.

If you purchased these resources directly from Chan and Scott, the price would be over $100 — but the Kids Bowl Free price is just $24.95. That’s over a 75% savings.

We are able to do this due to the partnership that Kids Bowl Free has developed with Chan and Scott.

As with all of our programs you get a 90-day no-hassle, no-questions-asked guarantee. So there is really no risk in purchasing this program. You either think the course is valuable or you get your money back — it’s that simple.


Building Great Kids

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description of the anti-bullying program.

You can’t get through a day anymore without hearing about the devastation being caused by bullying via news stories, magazine articles, TV specials, and online social media. This increased awareness in an important step in addressing the growing problem of youth bullying. But now we need solutions — that work.

What has been tried so far is well intended, such as passing anti-bullying legislation, developing school bullying policies, hiring police officers to patrol the halls, and encouraging kids to “speak-up” — but more needs to be done. That’s why we put together this package of anti-bullying resources.

This package includes the following:

MB Answers for ParentsManage Bullying — Answers For Parents

This 11-module online course has more than an hour of video, associated presentation slides, a transcription of each video, and an information sheet. The focus is on giving parents:

  • A specific plan to help their child develop a “bully shield”
  • Training on HOW to deal effectively with bullying situations

STOP the Bullies Now

These resources are part of the Building Great Kids series of character education books and support materials written by Master Scott Krenz. a 6th degree black belt with over 35 years experience working with children & young adults. Mr. Krenz is recognized both nationally and internationally for his literary contributions to the martial arts industry and his instructional techniques designed for the public sector. You’ll find these easy-to-read books to be delightful, educational and packed full of helpful information for your kids and your family!

These resources include:

Three digital Building Great Kids books, including:

A Parents Guide to Self-Defense For Kids

This book is filled with powerful information to keep your children safe and happy. You’ll love the straight-forward information and self-defense tools that are presented in this wonderful little book. If you are concerned about your child’s safety then this book is a must read!

Keep Your Children Safe

This book is a “must read” for you if you’re concerned about your child’s safety. You’ll learn how to help them stop bullies and build the confidence and attitude they’ll need to stand up to peer pressure.


This book contains powerful interactive information and exercises to help parents build their child's confidence and self-esteem. Nothing in the world will help a child "Stop the Bullies" quicker than having confidence in themselves. This wonderful little book contains stories, tips and activities designed to build a child's confidence and self-esteem quickly.

Three 11" x 17" color digital posters that can be downloaded and printed (great for using at home and in the classroom)

ABC’s of Stop the Bullies NOW

This full-color poster contains 26 helpful bits of information to assist you in keeping your children safe from bullies. It’s also an excellent guide to help you discuss peer pressure and bullies with your children.

7 Daily Reminders

This full-color poster is perfect to put up on your refrigerator or wall to provide you with simple daily reminders to keep your children safe and happy. Don’t wait until it’s too late – talk to your children every day, this poster will help!

Stop The Bullies Now Pledge

This is a full-color poster that your child can post in their room as a reminder of their commitment to be a part of the Stop the Bullies NOW solution. Take a few minutes to discuss the pledge with your child and then you both sign it as you make a commitment together to stop bullying.


The value of this complete package is well over $100. And, it’s actual worth is far greater due to the impact it will have on you and your family.

However, we’ve decide to price the program for people who attended the Kids Bowl Free anti-bullying teseleminar at just $24.95.

To place your order, just click on the link below and you’ll be taken to a secure online order form.


If you are a parent of child within the autism spectrum you may want to, instead, consider purchasing Manage Bullying – Answers For Autism Spectrum Families (which is currently only available in the online version). A special Kids Bowl Free price is in place for this program also.