Find A Martial Arts School Certified To Teach Manage Bullying

In conjunction with the Martial Arts Marketing Network, Manage Bullying certifies martial arts schools throughout the world to teach children how to “bully-proof” themselves and to help parents understand how to effectively intervene in a bullying situations.

Bully ExpertThis school-certification program is just one component of our global effort to help kids, parents, educators and government officials address the devastating problem of youth bullying.

The other components include our network of Manage Bullying certified speakers and Verbal Defense & Influence speakers/trainers, our online and DVD-based training programs, and our online Family Community to which you can become a member.

Currently we have more than two hundred certified martial arts schools and the number increases each month. To find out if there is a certified school in your area, click on the link below to be taken to our The Bully Expert website.

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To learn about becoming a certified martial arts school, Click Here.