Book A Speaker

Our national network of professional speakers can bring a unique perspective to almost any event. While our focus is on delivering practical and effective to the problem of youth bullying, the communication methodologies we teach have application to any situation where interpersonal conflict may occur.

We have two types of speakers.

  • Manage Bullying certified speakers who deliver a high-impact 60-90 minute presentation to kids and parents at schools, community group meetings and parent organizations.
  • Verbal Defense & Influence speakers/trainers who have a deep level understanding of human interaction and the effective ways in dealing with the conflict that often results from poor or mishandled communication. These individuals can deliver highly-informative keynotes, presentations and workshops to educators, school administrators and government officials at conferences — as well as to kids and parents.

To learn more about booking one of our speakers for your event, either call 877-690-8320 or send us an email using the form on Contact Us page.

To learn about becoming a becoming a Manage Bullying certified speaker, Click Here.

To learn more about Verbal Defense & Influence, Click Here.