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Diane Brunette WI

Bullying has been happening for many years, but you FINALLY you have a video that teaches adults WHY bullying occurs and what to do about it; from working with the bullied child’s self esteem all the way to dealing with the school system where the bullying might be occurring. I wish each teacher and parent group could watch your video!

Comments on the updated Manage Bulling Program

I reviewed the updated Manage Bullying program.
I like the additional resource material, the Building Great Kids books and posters. They are very bright and eye-catching. They provide some very good information in simple terms that parents and children should be able to easily understand. I love the way they explain the concepts of deflectors, how respect for one self can lead to respect from others and the impact words can have on others for the rest of their lives. I especially liked the Sticks and Stones, punch in the nose versus verbal attack analogy.

This material is a valuable addition to the original program. Good work!

Anti-bullying means nothing unless you have experienced it!

My name is Dave Young. I am the Founder and Director of ARMA TRAINING and US FIGHTING SYSTEMS and I have over 40 plus years of experience in this subject and I thought the content was very clearly explained and helped the viewer stay on track with developing a personal plan and giving them an effective base for handling these unfortunately common and heartbreaking incidents that could effect a child for many years into their adulthood.

Great job!

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