Learn About Becoming A Certified Speaker

One component of the Manage Bullying program is a national network of certified speakers who are licensed to deliver Manage Bullying methodologies to kids and parents — via presentations at schools, community groups and parent organizations.

In order to become a certified Manage Bullying speaker, you must first become a certified Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor.   Please see the training calendar here for class offerings.

Once you have completed the Verbal Martial Arts Course, you must attend a two-day speaker training program. This training is available a few times per year and is generally held in Milwaukee, WI.

There is an up-front cost for the training to become certified and then, once that training has been completed, there is a monthly licensing fee to maintain your certification — which includes a Manage Bullying website for your speaking business, ongoing training, and exclusivity within your community.

To learn more about becoming a certified Manage Bullying speaker, please Contact Us.