About Us

Manage Bullying was founded in 2009 by a group of conflict management and child development experts who came together to leverage their expertise to address the devastating problem of youth bullying.

  • Master Chan Lee – owner of JK Lee Black Belt Academy, a martial arts school in Milwaukee, WI with five locations and 1500 students.
  • Gary T. Klugiewicz — a director at Verbal Defense & Influence, a global speaking and training organization focused on maximizing human interaction.

Since 2009, the original belief of these talented individuals has proved true far beyond their expectations. Hundreds of martial arts schools throughout the world are now using Manage Bullying in their curriculum, tens of thousands of parents and kids have taken advantage of the training which is now available via multiple methods, and many K-12 educators, administrators and parent organizations have brought Manage Bullying into schools.

Parents and kids can now learn the Manage Bullying methodologies by:

  • Accessing our free Manage Bullying Tips
  • Attending an event featuring a certified speaker
  • Participating in ongoing training at a certified martial arts school
  • Accessing our many online multimedia training programs
  • Purchasing our Manage Bullying books and DVDs

K-12 educators, administrators, and parent organizations can access Manage Bullying by:

  • Booking a certified speaker for a keynote or presentation
  • Hosting a Manage Bullying workshop or training program

Manage Bullying is a member of the Vistelar Group, a global speaking and training organization. Vistelar brings together the very best experts in their given field – with a focus on the fundamentals of human interaction and their real-world application.