Manage Bullying a Lifesaver

Thank you, Master Lee, for your personal interest, skills and life lessons our daughter received from your Verbal Defense and Influence teachings.

Our daughter was severely bullied at her Middle School while in 7th grade.

Over 270 abuses, 100 physical in nature, from pushing to name calling, beating to personal attacks, from threatening to kill her and her family to beating her with lethal weapons, it left our daughter and our family in chaos.

The Manage Bullying program and life lessons helped our daughter, brother and parents with a sense of hope, an understanding of why bullies act the way they do, and a plan to address this type of behavior in the future.

After working with Manage Bullying, our daughter’s fear of others, mistrust of adults was eased, helping her to overcome the severe abuse she has endured.

It also gave her the strength to speak out and present the severe problem of bullying in our schools to over 350 people , earning her a citation from Representative Jon Richards and Wisconsin legislature. who stated:
“Elani, this citation recognizes the terrific work, and exemplary way you handled yourself in this horrendous situation, and that you changed the law in Wisconsin thanks to your bravery and your willingness to stand up and to fight back.”

Regarding her presentation, the Milwaukee Journal article subtitled “The Victim shares her story as experts urge parent action” stated:

“In a powerful moment during the session at the Country Springs Hotel, students heard directly from the victim of the Pilgrim Park attack”

Without Manage Bullying and Master Lee’s personal interest and teachings to Elani, she would not have had the strength and belief in herself to move forward and deliver such a powerful message.

Thank you, Manage Bullying, for helping give our daughter a fighting chance to survive.


Mark and Shawn G.